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Chengdu Smart Action Technology Co.,Ltd is a technological company , which carry out the transformation of research results based on national technology research projects and research results of technology projects of Sichuan province. The company  provide customers with gas energy equipment products and systematic solutions based on gas power technology. We have several advanced proprietary technologies on non-road gas power and relative gas equipment industries, which provide safe, reliable, energy -efficient products have resolved high-efficient uses of  natural gas, methane gas, coaled gas etc.,gases, at the same time, resolved the customer needs of various type of energy supply ,like electricity, hot water, warm water and air-conditioner etc. 

The products of gas energy equipment include gas fired single generator, gas power unit, gas heat and power cogeneration and combined cooling and heating unit (CHP and CCHP), gas air source heat pump (GHP and GEHP) and so on. Application to the needs of electricity, heat (hot water or steam), cold, air condition places having natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, methane,

and other flammable gas resources, electricity, heat (hot water or steam), cold, air conditioning demands .

We propose the enterprise value, serving our society, benefiting our mankind with safe,reliable, energy-efficient products, establish the enterprise culture system as building a better society through better technique. Our company focus on the principle, customer as the centre, strivers as the base, innovating, exceeding, letting our production serve all the world finally.

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