Industrial cold and heat
  • 1.  Industry Application

    Industrial facilities are usually large factories, and have great demand for electricity, heat and cold, such as pharmaceutical plants, chemical plants, paper mills, oil and coal enterprises, wood products factories, etc

    By implementing Smart Action cogeneration (CHP) system with clean pipelines and natural gas as fuel, many industrial facilities such as industrial facilities and district heating plants can reduce operation cost. The Smart Action gas generator not only provides electricity to meet the demand for electricity, but also produces heat to meet the heat demand within the industrial facilities. A single grid and gas boiler can provide only less than 50% of the efficiency, while the Smart Action cogeneration project can provide:

    Ø Above 80% efficiency of energy

    Ø The cost of energy is lower than single heat or electricity system

    Ø Exhaust is less than single heat or electricity system

    Ø The unit system of complete solution supply, simple operation and maintenance

    Ø Occupied small area

    Ø Low noise, not influenced the daily life and work

    Ø The solution is like a container, easy installation and operation.

    When the waste heat recovery is not feasible, for many industrial facilities, the distributed generation (DG) or emergency standby power station that is locally generated to meet its own needs is still a more economic option. In the case of any of the following cases, the same is true:

    Ø The local power grid is unreliable

    Ø Gas is cheap alternative of grid electricity

    Ø May used on the peak hours for avoiding high cost electricity

    Ø Having a large number of biogas produced while producing itself

    2.    Characters and Advantages

    Ø Total efficiency achieved above 80-90%, generating efficiency achieved 40%, the heat produced could used on heat supply of buildings, heating drink water and living hot water etc.

    Ø The cascade utilization of distributed energy: the different utilization of all kinds of heat like high temperature, middle temperature, low temperature etc., to ensure the high efficiency. The high temperature is converted into electrical energy, medium temperature for refrigeration and heating steam, low temperature by using for  heating water and dehumidification.

    The solution of cold, heat and electricity of industry


    Ø High economic efficiency: produced the same value of heat, the cost of gas is lower 30-50% than petrol and diesel; the cost of electricity is lower 40% more than electricity of power grid.

    Ø The CHP unit: in addition to providing electric energy, combined with other heat resources and refrigerator equipment to achieve the supply of cold, heat and electricity, which meet the needs of heating living water, steam and refrigeration.

    Ø Energy security: diversification of energy, relatively independent energy supply, and reduction of dependence on large power grids

    Ø Environmental impact is low: Smart Action cogeneration unit emissions of sulfur dioxide and solid waste are almost zero, carbon dioxide is reduced by more than 60%, nitrogen oxides are reduced by 80%, and the area and water consumption are reduced by more than 60%. Low noise can also be achieved through combined noise reduction measures.

    3.  Solutions

    The CCHP system is an energy supply system based on gas energy, through the use of the hot water and hot gas, in order to achieve the needs of cold, heat and electricity, usually by generators, lithium bromide refrigeration device, heat exchange device, making the gas cogeneration energy is fully utilized, greatly improve the comprehensive utilization of energy efficiency.

    The photo is the sketch map of a chemical factory for the distributed energy application. The scheme takes energy saving, economy, low carbon and environmental protection as the starting point, adopts the technology of gas energy and improve the comprehensive utilization rate of energy. The project adopt 2MW gas generations, the total cold capacity is 6.42MW, heat capacity 3.37 MW, low temperature of waste heat can supply clean hot water 70t/d.

    The solution of cold, heat and electricity of industry

    The scheme adopts gas CHP and direct fired engine in the form of using of gas for cold, heat, electricity trigeneration. The high temperature flue gas and high temperature cylinder liner produced by the internal combustion engine enter the flue gas hot water direct fired lithium bromide unit for refrigeration steam and heating so as to meet the basic demand of cold and heat load. According to the characteristics of the load and the characteristics of the energy price, the selection of equipment and the design of the operation amount are designed to minimize the cost of operation. The system gives priority to the use of generator waste heat for cooling and heating. Only when the waste heat is fully utilized, the value of the triple supply of cold ,heat and electricity can be fully reflected, and the utilization rate of waste heat can be greatly improved. The power generation waste heat of this scheme is completely used for refrigeration and heat production.

    The solution of cold, heat and electricity of industry

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