Power station

Power station

日期: 2017-12-28
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1.  Energy

Energy is the material that provides energy conversion to nature (mineral energy, nuclear physical energy, atmospheric circulation energy, geographical energy). Energy is the material basis of human activity .In a sense, the development of human society can not be separated from the emergence of high quality energy and the use of advanced energy technology. In today's world, the development of energy, energy and environment is a common concern of the whole world and mankind. It is also an important issue of social and economic development in China.

2. Prospect

In the next ten years, China's energy will achieve two goals: first, by 2020, the proportion of non fossil energy to total energy consumption will reach 15%. Second, by 2020, the carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP will be 40%~45% lower than that in 2005. Now, China has become the world's largest country in clean energy investment.

According to the 2012 global clean energy investment report, the total global investment in 2012 was $268 billion 700 million, equivalent to 5 times that of 2004. Among them, China's investment in clean energy has reached a record $67 billion 700 million, an increase of 20% compared with that in 2011. The total investment is ranked the first in the world, and become the leader of clean energy in the world.

3. The Development of Energy Electrical Station

Due to the special nature of natural gas, the project of natural gas distributed energy has been promoted to a certain extent. However, as a substitute for renewable energy, the potential of clean, efficient and widely used natural gas has great potential.

In fact, intermittent energy sources such as wind and solar energy need effective energy storage to ensure that the power grid is maintained at any time, but the current energy storage technology can not meet this requirement.

Therefore, natural gas has become an indispensable member of the energy structure. The advocates of renewable energy should generally recognize the harmonious coexistence relationship between natural gas and renewable energy, and make good use of them, combined with renewable energy such as wind and light to create a multi energy complementary energy supply.


4.  Solution Scheme

4.1. Comprehensive application of natural gas unit and solar energy.


The solution scheme of power station 

This is a solution of energy saving power supply LNG gasification station, using BOG gas power generation, waste heat recovery, comprehensive utilization of solar energy, heat of vaporization for LNG demand, improve the comprehensive utilization rate of energy, and improve the reliability of grid receiving station.

The configuration of the 16MW natural gas cogeneration units, and covers an area of 50 acres of 2WM photovoltaic power station, the total capacity is up to 18MW, and the power station connected network, in the air station electricity to meet, if the lack of allowance of all Internet, supplemented with network.

4.2. The complementary power generation of natural gas units and wind turbines

Usually, the operation of all the units of the wind power field is unconditional. That is to say, if the wind turbines are in the range of wind speed permitted by the unit, the unit will generate electricity unconditionally unless it stops due to the failure of the unit itself. But the output of the wind farm has strong undulatory property. At that time, the power generation can be supplemented by the natural gas unit, and the output of the power grid can reach an ideal constant value through production scheduling, so as to eliminate the influence of wind power on the bad stability of the power grid.

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