Application of GHP

Application of GHP

日期: 2018-01-08
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1.  Introduction

GHP suitable gas: natural gas, methane, landfill gas etc.

Application Places: Schools(Kindergarten ),restaurants,office buildings, mall, hotel, hospital, villa etc.

2.  The Application of Villas

Application of GHP

GHP is mainly composed of outdoor machine, cooling medium pipe, indoor machine and so on. Engine waste heat can be used for air conditioning defrosting, hot water or swimming pool hot water, etc.

The legend of GHP power is driven by the engine compressor control system, through the valve switching units to achieve heating and cooling after switching, heat or cold can be transported to the indoor machine by refrigerant piping , and finally  input room energy by the system control, realize the indoor temperature control.


3.  Multiple Online Applications

Application of GHP

In GHP applications, the most common form of application is multiple applications (i.e. multiple GHP parallel connection), such as schools, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, office buildings and so on. The heat capacity or the cold energy demand of the site area can't be met by a GHP, so GHP multi application is needed.

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