Application of commerce

Application of commerce

日期: 2017-12-28
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1. The Application of Commerce

Commercial facilities generally refer to hotels, hospitals, resorts, commercial office buildings, shopping malls and refrigerated warehouses. 

Whether it is a small hotel or a large five star hotel, 365 days and 24 hours of heat and electricity supply are very important factors. Smart Action’s CHP unit could supply comprehensive electricity, heat and cold for hotels. Smart Action CHP system operates with clean pump gas which decrease the operation cost of central heating and cold commercial facilities like hotels. Smart Action gas generator can not only provide electricity to meet the demand of electricity, but also generate heat energy to meet the thermal needs of hotels and other commercial facilities. Separated grid and natural gas boiler can provide only less than 50% of the efficiency, while the Smart Action cogeneration project can provide:

Ø Above 80% efficiency of energy

Ø The cost of energy is lower than single heat or electricity system

Ø Exhaust is less than single heat or electricity system

Ø The unit system of complete solution supply, simple operation and maintenance

Ø Occupied small area

Ø Low noise, not influenced the daily life and work

Ø The solution is like a container, easy installation and operation.

If only commercial heat and cold needs are considered, the use of GHP will bring better economy. 


2. Characters and Advantages of CHP

1) Total efficiency achieved above 80-90%, generating efficiency achieved 40%, the heat produced could used on heat supply of buildings, heating drink water and living hot water etc.

2) The cascade utilization of distributed energy: the different utilization of all kinds of heat like high temperature, middle temperature, low temperature etc., to ensure the high efficiency. The high temperature is converted into electrical energy, medium temperature for refrigeration and heating steam, low temperature by using for heating water and dehumidification.

The application of commerce

3) High economic efficiency: produced the same value of heat, the cost of gas is lower 30-50% than petrol and diesel; the cost of electricity is lower 40% more than electricity of power grid.

4) The CHP unit: in addition to providing electric energy, combined with other heat resources and refrigerator equipment to achieve the supply of cold, heat and electricity, which meet the needs of heating living water, steam and refrigeration.

5) Energy security: diversification of energy, relatively independent energy supply, and reduction of dependence on large power grids

6) Environmental impact is low: Smart Action cogeneration unit emissions of sulfur dioxide and solid waste are almost zero, carbon dioxide is reduced by more than 60%, nitrogen oxides are reduced by 80%, and the area and water consumption are reduced by more than 60%. Low noise can also be achieved through combined noise reduction measures.



3. Characters and Advantages of GHP

1) Low carbon environmental protection: low CO2, low noise, low NOx, new refrigerant

2) The heating capacity of the engine can be used, and the heating capacity is large

3) The average efficiency is up to 1.8Heating capacity is less affected by ambient temperature. It can run normally at -20℃, without defrosting and rapid heating up.

4) high temperature regulating speed, high efficient frequency conversion air conditioning which can adjust alone, energy saving. It does not need special machine room and no manual duty.

5) Good economic performance: high COP, long life, long maintenance period and convenient construction

6) The same set of equipment can be used for cooling and heating

4. The Comprehensive Application of CHP And GHP

The application of commerce

Taking hotels as an example, it needs 365 days and 24 hours of thermal and electric energy supply. Part of the time also needs cold energy supply, providing CHP+GHP solutions, which can ensure the comprehensive demand of the hotel's cooling ,heating and electricity power.

CHP provides electrical and thermal energy for the hotel, and GHP provides heat and cold energy for the hotel. CHP will adjust the output of power automatically according to the needs of electricity of hotel, meanwhile the heating output also changed, so the center control system will adjust the heating output of GHP to meet the heating needs of hotel.

When the hotel needs the heat and cold energy at the same time, the center control system will automatically adjust the running status of GHP multiply unit, some of them supply heat, some of them supply cold for the hotel, which meet the needs of different period of hotel.

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