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Peoples would like to live in a better city ,not even only the comfortable building environment,but also the natural environment and mental environment with the development of economy and progress of society right now.China has entered a strategical period promoting energy revolution right now. Its the direction that optimizing energy composition ,controlling coal consumption, promoting energy efficiency.But also at the same time ,we have many challenges at developing clean energy. In this good environment, we do research deeply on non-road gas engines and referred gas engines, solved high efficient utilization problems of natural gas, methane gas, coal seam gas,solved the problems of comprehensive utilization of electricity, heat, cooling and air conditioner and other types of energy supply.We do research on gas cogeneration and trigeneration units (CHP and CCHP), and GHP (gas air source heat pump GEHP) and many other categories of public service products, achieved  the  enterprise values,"Serve our society  and  bring benefit to mankind  with safe, energy saving and environmental protection products" .

We sincerely welcome the enterprises and persons with same ideals to cooperate with us, do development of energy conservation and environmental protection together.

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