What is CHP?

1. Combined Heat and Power(CHP)

Cogeneration is the combination of heating and power generation in the same power generation equipment, called CHP (Combined Heat and Power). Heat and power cogeneration will make use of the waste heat generated by ordinary power generation equipment, and provide cheap heating heat for Industry and family, so that the thermal efficiency can be greatly improved. The average efficiency of the generator set is about 30 to 42%. This means that the energy of 1 megabytes per output is wasted about 2 megabytes of heat. Reheating this part of the heat can fully meet the heating needs of factories and residential areas in the vicinity of the power generation equipment. The comprehensive utilization of energy can reach more than 80%.

CCHP (Combined Cooling Heating and Power) system also called Cogeneration system, the distributed cooling, heating and power generation system is a solution for the comprehensive utilization of energy, and the total energy utilization rate can reach 75% to 90%.  It is a comprehensive energy supply mode making use of all the resources which can produce power or heat as primary energy like small hydropower, biomass energy, wind energy, solar energy, geothermal energy, natural gas, waste or industrial waste heat etc., which combine the power system and heating, cooling system in a small scale and distributed near the customer in punctiform. This can meet the needs of heat, electricity and cold energy of customers. CCHP system could make the user as a separated energy supply system , at the same time it could connect with the grid system, which makes the system to be relatively independent, flexible and safe. CCHP system can operate alone or operate in parallel to meet the different customer’s needs.

2. CCHP Process Flow Sheet

What is CHP? 

3. CHP Process Flow Sheet



What is CHP?


4. The Advantage of CHP

l Improve the Utilization of Energy

l Having obvious advantages of environmental indicators

l Reduce the loss of distribution and transmission

l Taking advantage of the opportunities of the regional energy system

l Refrigeration

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