What is GHP?

1. (GHP)Gas Heat Pump

The heat pump is in some energy to generate power driven compressor, making the refrigerant in circle motion repeatedly to physical transformation process, absorbing heat in evaporator by gasification, releasing heat in condensator by liquefaction, and through the switching of the valve units to achieve heating and cooling exchange.

2. GHP Process Flow Sheet

What is GHP?

3. The Combination of GHP

What is GHP?

4. The Advantage of GHP

l The heating capacity of the engine can be used, and the heating capacity is large

l The average efficiency is up to 1.8

l Heating capacity is less affected by ambient temperature. It can run normally at -20℃, without defrosting and rapid heating up.

l High temperature regulating speed, high efficient frequency conversion air conditioning which can adjust alone, energy saving. It does not need special machine room and no manual duty.

l Low carbon and environmental protection: low CO2, low noise, low NOx, new refrigerant

l Good economic performance: high COP, long life, long maintenance period and convenient construction

l Strong environmental adaptability and super strong heat production capacity

l The same set of equipment can be used for cooling and heating 

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