What is GEHP?

1. Gas powered air conditioning unit (GEHP)

GEHP is a machine of gas generation, waste heat recovery and EHP comprehensive utilization, which use primary clean energy dive engine, motor, compressor etc., making coolant (R410A) in circle motion repeatedly to physical transformation process, absorbing heat in evaporator by gasification, releasing heat in condensator by liquefaction, making heat exchange for outdoor and indoor. It efficiently outputs secondary energy such as hot water, cold water and electricity and so on in different modes.

2. GEHP Process Flow Sheet

What is GEHP?

3. The Comparison of GEHP and EHP

What is GEHP?

l GEHP utilization efficiency of primary energy is 1.8, far higher than EHP 1.2, GEHP is more energy-efficient and environmental.

l GEHP uses power self-supply to reduce the cost of reform for station, power grid expansion and transportation and distribution of lines.

l GEHP uses the national natural gas engine, and the actual emissions under the same heating load are much lower than the EHP power station emissions (in 2016, the state power generation is 65% of the thermal power).

4. GEHP contrast with traditional boilers.

l The boiler burns the natural gas directly, and by recovering the hot and partial latent heat of the high temperature flue gas, the primary energy utilization rate is 0.85-0.95

l The GHP engine works by burning natural gas, provides power for compressor. Heating cycle absorbs thermal energy, geothermal energy, surface water heat, energy geothermal energy, gathering waste heat of motor to supply heat for outside. The utilization rate achieved 1.8 of primary energy. The GHP heating efficiency is 2 times more than boiler efficiency

5. The Advantage of GEHP

✔ Gas engine Drive;

✔ Gas as the energy, economic and environment protection ;

✔ Adjust temperature fast,Control temperature stable;

✔Low temperature and strong heat, defrosting does not stop, using engine waste heat to improve heat production ;

✔ Low cost of operation, maintenance;

✔ The heat is not attenuated under -20 C, and it is especially suitable for centralized heating (coal to gas);

✔ The installation is convenient and the pipeline is consistent with the traditional unit 。

✔ Using self-supply of electricity, reduce the cost of rebuild of distributions lines between stations and nets.

✔ The efficiency of comprehensive utilization of primary energy is 1.8, which is far higher than that of EHP primary energy utilization efficiency (1.2).

✔ Separated operation, safe and reliable

✔ Using as emergency power as special situation

✔ Optional natural gas / power dual drive mode, promise no stop of heat without gas or electricity;

✔ The actual emission of national V natural gas engine under the same heating load is less than EHP. 

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